Dr. Xiaoxia Li Case Western Reserve University, USA

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Xiaoxia Li, PhD, is Professor in the Department of Molecular Medicine at Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine-Case Western Reserve University. She has a long-standing productive NIH-funded research program on TLR-IL-1R signaling and inflammatory responses. She has over 70 publications on topics in molecular immunology. During the last ten years,... read morethe discoveries from her laboratory have provided important new information that helps our understanding of signaling mechanisms in innate and adaptive immunity. This work has helped to elucidate the details of signaling mechanisms mediated by IL-1R and TLRs, IL-17 and IL-25. Importantly, her laboratory is responsible for the discovery of SIGIRR, a novel negative regulator of IL-1R-TLR signaling (single immunoglobulin IL-1 receptor related molecule, a TIR-domain containing receptor). Her laboratory also reported the key signaling component, called Act1 for IL-17/IL-25 receptor signaling.