Dr. Nico Adams University of Cambridge, UK

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Nico was educated at the Universities of York and Oxford. After obtaining his doctorate working on the development and use of high-throughput technologies for the synthesis and screening of early transition metal catalysts, he joined the group of Prof Ulrich Schubert (then Eindhoven (NL), now Jena (DE)) and the Dutch... read morePolymer Institute as a research associate and project leader in polymer informatics. He subsequently continued this work in the group of Prof Murray-Rust in Cambridge, where he became interested in applying semantic technologies to the challenges of materials informatics. It was there that he developed a particular interest in the development and use of ontologies. Prior to joining the CSIRO as a research scientist he briefly worked as an ontology curator at the Department of Genetics in Cambridge (Prof M. Ashburner) as well as at the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI), where he has also developed an interest in immunoinformatics.