Prof. Sue Newell Bentley University, USA

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Sue Newell is the Cammarata Professor of Management, Bentley University and is also a part-time Professor of Information Management at Warwick University, UK. She graduated in psychology from University College Cardiff, where she stayed on to do her PhD. Prof. Newell's research focuses on understanding the relationships between innovation, knowledge... read moreand organizational networking (ikon) - primarily from an organizational theory perspective. She was one of the founding members of ikon, a research centre based at Warwick University. Prof. Newell is involved in research which focuses on exploring the implementation and use of packaged information systems, for example to support distributed project work or health records. Her research emphasises a critical, practice-based understanding of the social aspects of innovation, change, knowledge management and inter-firm networked relations. Sue has published over 90 journal articles in the areas of organization studies, management and information systems, as well as numerous books and book chapters.