Prof. Jonathan Wolfe Formerly of University College London, UK

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Jonathan Wolfe was for 22 years a lecturer in Human Genetics at UCL becoming a Reader in Human Genetics in 1997. His major research interests have included the structure of the human Y chromosome and the identification of genes (both Y chromosomal and autosomal) expressed in spermatogenesis, the development of... read moremolecular techniques for mapping the human genome and the detailed mapping of human chromosome band 9q34. This latter project led firstly to some of the earliest megabase long autosomal DNA sequences in the early days of the human genome project and secondly to the identification of the gene TSC1, mutations in which cause the disease Tuberous Sclerosis. As well as teaching a range of human genetics courses to UCL science undergraduates he was for ten years the principal teacher of basic medical genetics to the preclinical students of the Royal Free and UCL medical schools. Having retired from UCL in 2006, he is now teaching ICT in secondary education.