Prof. Andrea Califano Columbia University Medical Center, USA

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Andrea Califano is a Professor of Biomedical Informatics with appointments in the Department of Biomedical Informatics and in the Institute for Cancer Genetics at Columbia University, New York. He received his PhD from the University of Florence and began working on computational biology in 1990. His interests are broadly defined... read morewithin the field of Systems Biology, with specific application to human malignancies. In particular his lab has spearheaded early efforts to assemble genome-wide, context-specific maps of molecular interactions in human cells, by integrating several reverse engineering approaches. He 2000 he co-founded First Genetic Trust, Inc. to actively pursue translational genomics research and infrastructure related activities in the context of large-scale patient studies with a genetic components. He also serves as a member of the Board of Scientific Advisors of the National Cancer Institute.