Prof. Sam Ahmedzai University of Sheffield, UK

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Sam Ahmedzai is Chair and Head of the Academic Unit of Supportive Care in the University of Sheffield. He is Honorary Consultant Physician in palliative medicine, working in a hospital supportive care team in Sheffield and in a hospice out-patient clinic in Doncaster. He is Lead Clinician for Supportive and... read morePalliative Care in the North Trent Cancer Network. He edits the Oxford University Press book series on Supportive Care, the international journal Current Opinion in Supportive and Palliative Care, the new section on supportive and palliative care for BMJ Clinical Evidence and he is the clinical lead for the National Library for Supportive and Palliative Care. Sam received most of his postgraduate medical training in oncology and respiratory medicine in Glasgow. His research interests are in pain control, nutrition, respiratory palliation and quality of life evaluation. He is particularly involved in developing the biological science of symptoms and distress – which he has termed ‘symptomics’. He has also championed the engagement of patients and carers in cancer care and in especially in cancer research and the public dissemination of information on supportive and palliative care.