Mr. David Brennan Director of Research and Strategy, Thinkbox TV, UK

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David Brennan joined Ulster TV as a Research Executive 1980, moving to HTV and then Tyne Tees and then Yorkshire-Tyne Tees as Research and Marketing Controller.
David joined the ITV Network Centre in 1993 as Controller of Audience Planning during the Centre’s most successful ever ratings period, where he... read morepioneered the use of media research in the areas of programming, scheduling and promotions. He joined Flextech Television as VP of Research in 1995, rising to SVP of Research and Channel Development. David has recently been living and working in Australia, where he headed research for The Seven Network before setting up his own successful media consultancy business. David returned to the UK at the beginning of 2006 and has since joined Thinkbox as Research and Strategy Director. In that role he has managed a number of groundbreaking projects, including the Thinkbox TV Engagement Study, TV+Online: Better Together, and Long-term Advertising Payback.