Bite-size Case Study

Intellectual property

Published on November 30, 2023   7 min
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Welcome to Case Study 3 of this series. I'm Roddy Mullin, a business consultant making retail firms the professions, government bodies, and charities make money since 1987. I'm both a chartered marketer and a chartered engineer. I'm also an author of marketing and sales books since 1999. See the last one slide for a list of my books.
Study this piece of wood carefully. It has a hole in it and a bevelled end, the circular stamp was the logo of the initiator of the promotion. What is it? Are you intrigued? The recipients of the promotion were? The answer is given on the last slide. It's not essential to the case study to know what it is, but it was the key creative part of the promotion.
Though there are many case studies available to view online, searching for them is time-consuming. As a practitioner, I believe in presenting real case studies that work in their original format. Research shows that agencies refer to marketing books with case studies included, for instant results when a client wants an idea for a marketing campaign by yesterday. Of course, they modify the idea. The latest book "Promotional Marketing", Second Edition 2018, has 85 case studies and 83 briefs, which illustrates promotional points shown through case studies and briefs, which are many case studies. This is a case study that I've called Intellectual Property. Intellectual property is a dry, complicated, but increasingly important branch of law. Most companies, not least promotional agencies, need to think very carefully about who owns the ideas, trademarks, designs, and copy that their staff and subcontractors create. Trouble is drawing up the necessary contracts, is something that can always be put off until tomorrow.