Employee engagement

Published on January 31, 2023   15 min
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Hello, my name is Hilary Drew. I'm from the University of the West of England in Bristol, in the UK. I'm going to talk to you today about employee engagement.
Our session today will be divided into three sections. Will start off by trying to define employee engagement. How is it defined? What kind of benefits does it have for organizations and what are the benefits for employees? Then we'll unpack employee engagement and think about how does it work? What activities and practices within organizations can support employee engagement? Then, we'll move on to look at employee engagement in practice with three many case studies from well-known real-world organizations. In our final section, then we'll provide a critical lens. Will ask the question, is too much employee engagement a bad thing? Can we really argue that there's a proven link between employee engagement and improved organizational performance?
What is employee engagement? Khan famously talked about bringing in or leaving out the personal self and console three factors as creating engagement. Firstly, he talked about meaningfulness, and that's the feeling that one's work is seen as important, and adds value to the organization. Secondly, he talked about safety. People can be themselves, their authentic self at work and Khan suggested that to be engaged, employees need to trust their work in environment and allow their authentic selves to emerge in practice. Finally, he talked about availability, that the physical, emotional, and psychological resources necessary to do one's job exists to create investment in one's work. Resources, we could think about tangible things, such as equipment. We might need a budget, technology, or even the right working space. But these could also be opportunities for learning and skill development, autonomy at work, trust and commitment to the organization. Meaningfulness, safety, and availability helped to foster motivation, opportunity, commitment, involvement, factors that are linked to employee engagement, and factors that feature in the model on our next slide. The bath people performance model attempts to