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FC Barcelona: a case of innovation

Published on May 30, 2022 Originally recorded 2022   7 min
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Here's an example of an organization that recently started to innovate. Football club, Barcelona. Football club Barcelona has been known for their innovative game play since the beginning of the 20th century. However, much like other football clubs, they haven't been innovating in other domains, all until recently. Back in 2015, the head of physical trainers, Ramon Tarrago, started to consider how to solve a big challenge that his team of physical trainers was facing, and that is to capture granular information about the performance of the athletes on the field after the injury. They were interested in this data because they wanted to pin down very specific training schedules for the athletes that had their injuries recently. Unfortunately, the existing measures and technologies such as GPS did not capture properly the insights that they needed, and particularly for the indoor sports a lack of data was a particular concern. FC Barcelona also did not have internal technology to solve this problem. What was really important was to find the right partner to help them solve this challenge. Ramon Tarrago decided to put together a proposal for startups that operate in the space of the technology and development of sensors that could be useful for capturing this type of information. Several startups supplied one of them called Realtrack Systems, Realtrack Systems, start-up team and FC Barcelona's team of physical trainers joined forces and over the course of several months have been working relentlessly on the choice of the right technology, the data that needs to be captured, and also the user interface of their digital platform and services that can help physical trainers accomplish their goal of understanding better how the movement of recently injured athletes evolves. So they started testing this technology that became known as a WIMU with the younger generations of athletes in FC Barcelona's training station that's called La Masia and began the process of improvement and changes and pivots of this technology, improving WIMU as they went along. WIMU reached substantial success within FC Barcelona and beyond. Within FC Barcelona, it got adopted even in the first football team and became used by athletes such as Leo Messi, for instance, outside of FC Barcelona, Realtrack Systems created the successful start-up with WIMU and other services that they began to offer after their collaboration with FC Barcelona.