Interview Case Study

The Barcodes of Finance

Published on October 24, 2018   65 min
Interviewer: I'm Neil Bradman, and today I'm in New York for the Business and Management Collections speaking to Allan Grody about "The Barcodes of Finance". Allan, what are the barcodes of finance? Mr. Allan Grody: Well, they're unique standard identifiers for financial products and contracts and the financial market participants that trade, own, process an inventory, those financial contracts and financial instruments. Interviewer: Now, I'm going to ask you to expand on those headings that you've just given me. But first of all, perhaps you could just tell me about your current position, activities, and your past career. Mr. Allan Grody: Well, right at this moment, I am an adviser to a number of global standard-setting bodies, a number of regulators and advise financial companies on what I like to call risk adjusting the financial system and re-engineering financial institutions. Those are broad terms that basically set out to make better, the financial system, that almost collapsed in the 2007-2008 period. It's an ambition that I began to recognize with the capabilities that I acquired over the years,