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Inside the risk management function

Published on November 28, 2016   56 min

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Interviewer: I'm Neil Bradman. And today, I'm in New York for the Business and Management Collection speaking to Dr. Antoncic about "Risk and Compliance". Dr. Antoncic, to give some context to our conversation, can you just run me through your career, what your present position is, and what happened on the way to getting to this position. Dr. Antoncic: Okay. Well, thank you very much first for having me. And let me just start with... So, I began my career as an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and from there, I went to Goldman Sachs. For the first several years at Goldman I ran a market risk function, and those are the early days when market risk was very, you know, beginning not highly analytical but at least it was something better than just looking at notional values. And but from there, I went into trading and I spent the bulk of my time at Goldman trading mortgages, structured products. And then, I went to Bulk Lease for two years and then to Lehman Brothers. In Lehman Brothers, so I first started as I was recruited to be the head of risk policy, and then went into global head of market risk and then finally they asked me to be the Chief Risk Officer. And it's interesting, I'd just taken aside before continuing my background, that when I first was in risk, I had just finished my PhD, and so you have all of the analytics in your mind very fresh. And then, went into trading and then went back into risk. But when I went back into risk, I was an infinitely better risk manager because I understood not only all of the math,