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Disruptive education: reversing the value chain

Published on May 31, 2016   20 min

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Hello, I'm Professor Mukti Mishra, Founder-President of Centurion University. Today I would like to talk about an experiment in alternate education and what we have accomplished in remote and difficult geography of tribal Orissa.
In India, the present education system has devolved to being inappropriate, irrelevant, and meaningless to the majority of its stakeholders. Education as a product and service is a derivative of democratic thinking. But the educational process is autocratic, inflexible, and resistant to the needs of this society. The apostasy in the current education system has created a situation where there are millions of degree-holders without jobs and millions of jobholders without degrees. This situational chasm for parents, students, education institutions, industry, and society at large warrants a blitzkrieg intervention, out-of-box thinking, an out-of-circle approach. The blind alley which the education delivery system has encountered because of its failure to connect degrees to its commensurate competency, ability, capacity, and dexterity of degree-holders. The disillusionment with every level of education has become a fait accompli, and a socioeconomic challenge. As I understand, the basic premise of education leading to a degree must result in livelihood with decency and dignity. However, as it stands, the basic premises has no validity. Now it is a matter of concern for providers of education and policymakers. The output, outcome, impact-driven education has been pushed to the state of nihilism. So the question arises, what do we do and how do we address this challenge? And my response is disruptive education, reversing the region.

Disruptive education: reversing the value chain

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