Strategic Management

Launched May 2013 Updated July 2021 10 lectures
Prof. Charles Baden-Fuller
Cass Business School, UK

Strategy is the key to success; whilst many small firms fail because they cannot deliver on their promises, for the larger more established firm the difference between success and failure is nearly always due to good or bad strategy. But what is strategy?... read more

Those who study strategy know that it is a combination of being able to understand the environment, and the organisation’s position in that environment and then creating an appreciation of what the organisation can do, and how it can be done.

Teaching strategy is tough. There are some core building blocks: competitor analysis, analysis of resources and capabilities, and an appreciation of the capacity of the organisation to change (often called dynamic capabilities). This series of talks will feature presentations devoted to these topics led by Rob Grant and David Teece. But learning these is not enough because strategy has a creative part: finding something different that will be successful and that can be implemented. Getting the creative juices going and appreciating possibilities requires executives and business students to be exposed to other ideas. In this series we put together a list of what is probably the most exciting agenda available covering contexts and issues including: Sustainability, Boards of Directors and Strategy, Pirates - Rebellious Strategy, Discovery Driven Strategy, Technology Strategy, Alliance Strategy, Corporate Strategy, Scenarios and Business Models, and topics related to specific situations such as Creative Industries, and Multinationals and Multi Divisional firms.