Qualitative Market ResearchReaching the places the other tools cannot reach

Launched May 2008 10 lectures
Prof. Michael Thomas
Strathclyde University, UK

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1. To introduce the audience to new developments in the field of qualitative market research. For many years quantitative research was the focus of market research, and the search for statistically defensible sampling methods a key concern. Recent developments – such as the doubt cast on the statistical reliability of any sample, the ‘wisdom’ of crowds, the shallowness of questions used in all types of questionnaire, and the development of greater understanding of how purchase decisions are made – have led to the rapid growth of qualitative market research. It is the fastest growing area of development in the market research world.

2. To explore and illuminate areas of research previously unexamined by traditional market research techniques.

3. To suggest that a new era of consumer insight is imminent.