Emerging Market Multinationals

Launched May 2021 Updated July 2021 7 lectures
Prof. Ilan Alon
School of Economics, College of Management, Israel

The internationalization of emerging-market multinational corporations is a new feature of globalization in the 21st century. In the twentieth century, multinational companies from developed markets, mostly from Europe and the USA, scoured the world for opportunities to invest, seeking new markets and exploiting resources and price differentials.... read more

Today’s emerging multinationals come from countries with differing levels of economic development and institutional maturity. They seek out strategic assets and technologies, as much as resources and markets. The internationalization of emerging markets challenges old paradigms and traditional theories and questions our basic assumptions about the ontology and purpose of the modern multinational company in general.

The series is in two parts: Part 1 looks at the Chinese company Huawei and Part 2 looks at multinationals from other emerging markets.