Project Management: Concepts and Good Practice

Launched November 2018 Updated January 2021 9 lectures
Ms. Annette Vendelbo
CEO of Xvoto and Agile Specialist, Denmark

This series of talks on concepts and good practice in project management will examine some of the topics that are causing the biggest difficulties on real projects. Most project management (PM) methods are very detailed and may touch upon some of those topics. However, they may not be easily actionable... read morein real life scenarios. Agile frameworks and methods, on the other hand, are far less detailed, which makes it difficult to ‘fill in the blanks’ for organizations that have decided to move from the classic methods to agile but lack the experience to do so.

As a consultant I have worked on many projects for clients in many different types of businesses. Large and smaller, public and private. From what I have seen and heard these past 30 years, and as a contributor at many PM conferences, it appears that everyone is struggling with the same types of problems. Indeed, I have met them myself on many of my own projects and agile transformations.

We will focus on topics for which you cannot easily find concrete, ‘how-to’ information elsewhere, and which are based on the speakers’ practical experience. When we deal with specific methods or frameworks, we will do so without biases and will be as objective as possible.