Prof. Roger Kornberg Stanford University School of Medicine, USA

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Roger Kornberg obtained his PhD in Chemistry from Stanford University and then moved to the MRC Laboratory Cambridge, UK. He became Assistant Professor of Biological Chemistry at Harvard Medical School. Since 1978 he has been Professor of Structural Biology and Medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. He has received... read morenumerous awards including the Massry Prize (shared with M. Grunstein and D. Allis) and the Sloan Prize. Prof. Kornberg is Editor of the Annual Review of Biochemistry. His current work focuses on discovery of the molecular machines involved in transcription, reconstitution of the process with purified components, structure determination of the transcription machinery, structure-function relationships in chromatin and the natural DNA template for transcription. Dr. Kornberg has been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2006 for his studies of the molecular basis of eukaryotic transcription.