Combatting Transnational CrimeA global perspective

Launched November 2008 Updated September 2009 22 lectures
Mr. Rob McCusker
The Australian Institute of Criminology, Australia

The aim of the Combatting Transnational Crime series of talks is threefold.... read more

• To explain cogently the nature and extent of transnational crime.

• To demonstrate the pressing need to examine transnational crime and to appreciate the relationships that exist, by design or necessity, between different transnational crime types and between differing transnational crime groups.

• To understand how the impact of transnational crime might best be mitigated and in particular to demonstrate the holistic approach needed by law enforcement and intelligence agencies to achieve that mitigation.

There has been a tendency both in the literature and within the media to portray transnational crime as the transgressing of borders by traditional organized crime groups only or being constituted solely by one or more discrete forms of criminal activity such as human trafficking or drugs trafficking. This series of talks examines transnational crime in the context of its regional origins, operations and impact; upon particular and relatively unknown types of transnational crime; of facilitators of transnational crime and of ways in which transnational crime might best be tackled.

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