Business Forecasting and Projections

Launched May 2023 Updated February 2024 6 lectures More in production
Mr. Eric Wilson
The Institute of Business Forecasting and Planning, USA

Whether you realize it or not, virtually every business decision and process is based on a
forecast. Anything firms plan is based on an assessment of something happening in the
future which, by definition, is a forecast. Business Forecasting is the process of using
analytics, data, insights,... read moreand experience to make predictions and respond to business needs.
The insight gained by Business Forecasting and Demand Planning enables companies to
automate and optimize their business processes. A Demand Planner’s goal is to analyze
what has happened and provide the best assessment of what will happen in the future, to
drive better decision making. Ultimately, a strong Demand Planning and forecasting team
enables everyone in the organization to plan better and more efficiently, and to keep pace
with the business of tomorrow.
Understanding the people, processes, and methods of demand planning and business
forecasting can help companies improve their planning. In this series, thought leaders from
the field with industry and academic experience share their insights on principles and best
practices, and present real-life case studies.