Accounting Records and Accounts

Launched May 2017 Updated June 2019 12 lectures
Mr. Huw Morgan
Alliance Manchester Business School, UK

This lecture series is an introduction to accounting records and accounting in business. It is designed for non-accounting students undertaking business and commerce courses, and assumes no prior knowledge of accounting. To help bring the subject to life, the series will follow the journey of a business start-up as it... read moregrows from sole trader, through partnership to limited company status. It considers the growing importance of funding and sustainability and how accounting records change in the face of expanding challenges. The series explains the use of accounting records: cashbook and journal, nominal ledger, purchase and sales ledger/ daybooks; and the accounting treatment of specific aspects of the business: non-current assets, accruals and prepayments, inventory, the cash cycle and working capital, budgeting and break-even analysis, variances and accounting software.

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