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Editorial Board: Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning

First Published September 2006 Latest Issue December 2022

Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning is the leading professional and research journal publishing peer-reviewed articles and case studies written by and for business continuity, risk and emergency managers, educators and scholars.... read more

Subjects covered include: enterprise risk management; continuity; resilience; crisis management; business impact analysis; mission critical operations; crisis communications; emergency decision making; emergency planning; reputation risk management; natural and environmental risks; supply chain risk management; pandemics and other public health threats; case studies; intra-agency planning; training and awareness programmes; continuity and emergency plan tests, exercises and updates; security and public safety; telecoms, records and data infrastructure resilience.

Editorial Board

Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning is guided by an expert Editor and Editorial Board who review every article to ensure it is practical, authoritative and relevant:


  • Lyndon Bird, Chair, DRI International Future Vision Committee

Editorial Board

  • Patrick Alcantara, Consumer Insight & Market Intelligence Manager, Co-op Insurance
  • Leah Andrews, Resilience Strategist, iluminr
  • Scott Baldwin, Head of Enterprise Resilience, Netflix
  • Eric Bone, Director, Provincial Operations, Emergency/Disaster Management, Alberta Health Services
  • Malcolm Brooke, Head of Technology Controls, Barclays International
  • Nicholas V. Cagliuso, Sr, Senior Advisor for Emergency Management, MDB
  • Fiona Davidge, Head of Corporate Risk, House of Commons
  • Patrick De Bruycker, Head of Technology and Services, Cyber Security, British American Tobacco
  • Russell Decker, Special Projects Manager, Nutrien
  • Tiffany Dent, Chief Growth Officer, STCHealth
  • Christina Farrell, First Deputy Commissioner, NYC Emergency Management
  • John Fowler, Board Appointed Member, ChicagoFIRST
  • Andrew Fyfe, Head of Business Continuity, Imperial College London
  • Ed Goldberg, former Manager, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Threat Assessment, Eversource
  • Chris Green, Principal, Thrive Resilience 
  • Dee Grimm, CEO/President, Tenebo Enterprises and Consulting
  • Daniel Hahn, Director of Safety, Santa Rosa County District Schools, Florida
  • Jonathan Jenkins, Chief Operating Officer, AC Disaster Consulting
  • James T. Kirkhope, Chief, Space Domain Awareness Branch, U.S. Department of Defense
  • Grant Lecky, Co-Founder, Security Partners Forum
  • David Lindstedt, Founder, Adaptive BC Solutions
  • James I. Nelson, Chairman of the Board, ICOR
  • James L. Paturas, Director, Emergency Preparedness, Yale New Haven Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response
  • David Porter, Director, Business Continuity Management, Australian Taxation Office
  • Bill Raisch, Director, International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (InterCEP)
  • Barbara Reynolds, former Senior Advisor, Crisis and Risk Communication Office of the Associate Director for Communication, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Andrew Smith, Director of Global Continuity and Crisis Management (GCCM), Governance and Development, BMO Financial Group
  • Petra Steenbakker, Senior Policy Advisor BCM/CM, De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Lisa Trousdale, Global Business Continuity Leader, Ernst & Young
  • Jerry D. VanVactor, PhD, Vice President, Resource Management (Supply Chain Operations), HealthTrust Performance Group