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Contact the Publisher: Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal

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Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal is the essential peer-reviewed journal for all professionals concerned with physical, economic and social regeneration of urban communities. It publishes in-depth articles and real-world case studies on the latest strategy, policy-making and current and best practice in the field.... read more

Guided by its expert Editor and Editorial Board, each quarterly 100-page issue does not publish advertising but rather in-depth articles written by and for urban regeneration professionals analysing current and best practice in the planning, consultation, funding, delivery and long-term management of regeneration programmes, as well as the latest policy-making, developments and research in the field.

Contact the Publisher

Please send all correspondence to the Journal Publisher:

Julie Kerry
Journal of Urban Regeneration & Renewal
Henry Stewart Publications
40/41 Museum Street
London WC1A 1LT, UK