Dr. Richard Sharp Center for Medical Ethics and Health Policy, Baylor College of Medicine

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Dr. Sharp is Professor of Biomedical Ethics and Medicine at Mayo Clinic. He is the Director of the
Biomedical Ethics Program at Mayo, including the Center for Individualized Medicine’s bioethics
program and the clinical & translational research ethics program. Prior to joining Mayo Clinic in 2013, he ... read more/>was Director of Bioethics Research at Cleveland Clinic and Co-Director of the Center for Genetic
Research Ethics and Law at Case Western Reserve University, one of six NIH Centers of Excellence in
Ethics Research. Dr. Sharp has published widely on topics in biomedical ethics, including clinical ethics
consultation, informed consent, financial conflicts of interest, and ethical tensions in patient advocacy.
His current research is examining how patients and healthcare providers view new forms of personalized
medicine and clinical interventions enabled by molecular diagnosis. Dr. Sharp frequently advises
healthcare organizations on ethical issues and has served on advisory committees for the National
Institutes of Health, Institute of Medicine, American College of Medical Genetics, and US Environmental
Protection Agency.