Dr. Olinga Taeed Director of Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance, UK

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Olinga Taeed, PhD FIoD is Founder and Director of the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance, the world’s leading not-for-profit think tank on the movement of value with 220,000 members. Since April 2019, he has served as Expert Advisor and Council Member to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce’s ‘China E-Commerce... read moreBlockchain Committee’. He is Chief Editor of the academic peer-reviewed journal ‘Frontiers in Blockchain’ with 543 editors, and EfficiencyExchange.ac.uk, the UK government focus on the value of education. He is also Chair of Vietnamese gamify metaverse VC startup Aiza World and Chair of the web3 think tank, Bureau of Media, Data and Technology (New York, Teipei). In 2018 Olinga became the world’s first professor in Blockchain at Birmingham City University, and in 2014 The Vatican recognised him as the inventor of the “fastest adopted social impact metric in the world… the God Metric”. He is also blockchain advisor to Wildcat Petroleum Plc, quoted on the full London Stock Market.