Prof. Beverley Kramer University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

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Beverley Kramer is Assistant Dean of Research and Postgraduate Support in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and Professor of Anatomy in the School of Anatomical Sciences. She has taught in all aspects of anatomy such as gross anatomy, histology, embryology and developmental biology, oral biology and human biology (including physical... read moreanthropology). She has presented her research at numerous international and local Congresses. Beverley’s interests are in the fields Embryology and Developmental Biology. Her studies are mainly on factors affecting development, such as those of the endocrine cells of the pancreas, submandibular gland, and tooth. Embryonic stem cells are being utilised as part of this research. The area of tooth development and evolution has recently become a focus with financial support from the NRF. In addition she continues to do some research into factors affecting implantation of the embryo, as well keeping her interest in neural crest cells current.