Dr. Else Marit Inderberg The Norwegian Radium Hospital, Norway

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Dr. Else M. Inderberg leads a research group performing immunomonitoring in clinical immunotherapy trials and development of cellular therapy at the Translational Research Unit (Dept. for Cellular therapy, OUH). The main focus is on T-cell function and therapy as well as the identification of predictive biomarkers of therapy response. She... read morehas broad oncology-related clinical trial experience and holds an MSc equivalent degree in Immunology from France and a PhD in tumour immunology from the University of Oslo, Norway. She has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed publications, holds several patents, and is co-founder of two separate spin-off companies. Else Inderberg acquired research grants from the Norwegian Research council and local funding agencies and participated in European grants and organizing international cancer vaccine conferences. More information here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/else-marit-inderberg-8177604/