Dr. Marko Radic University of Tennessee, USA

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Dr Marko Radic received his B.S. in Genetics from the University of California in Davis and his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from the University of California in Irvine. He trained as Postdoctoral Researcher at the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia. He started his independent lab research at the Medical... read moreCollege of Pennsylvania in 1991 and he moved to the University of Tennessee in 2000. Research in the Radic lab seeks to uncover how the structure of an autoantibody can teach us about the initial steps in autoimmunity. The implications of these studies are that one critical nexus in the development of lupus lies in the sustained activation of autoreactive B cells. To decisively attack these B cells, the Radic lab applied immunotherapy with anti-CD19 CAR-modified CD8+ T cells and obtianed encouraging initial results.