Ms. Pilar Orti Director of Virtual not Distant, Podcaster, and Author, UK

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Pilar Orti is the Founder and Director of Virtual not Distant, where she helps managers and their teams adopt online collaboration practices. She’s worked with all types of organisations (private, public, small, large…), where their people want to feel closer together despite being physically apart.... read more

Through Virtual not Distant, she runs workshops on Visible Teamwork and facilitates team sessions. She’s also developing an employee-led, in-house podcasting programme through which organisations can amplify their culture and nurture a sense of belonging.

Pilar hosts the “21st Century Work Life” podcast, which focuses on leading remote teams, online collaboration, and how distributed organisations are evolving. She’s also an active member of the International Association of Facilitators, where she co-hosts the podcast of the England and Wales chapter “Facilitation Stories.”

Pilar has a parallel career as a voiceover artist, which includes the voice of Xuli for the popular BBC cartoon “GoJetters” and has written books on different subjects.