Prof. Christopher F. Achua University of Virginia’s College at Wise, USA

5 Talks 1 Series

Professor Achua teaches in the Department of Business and Economics at the University of Virginia, the college division in Wise, Virginia. In his 30 years teaching career, Professor Achua has and continues to impact the lives of his students through his course offerings in strategic management, marketing, and organizational leadership.... read moreHe is a strong believer in the Socratic teaching method to learning and as such, is constantly adapting his pedogeological style to the learner’s background and needs. Lately, because of the pandemic, he adopted virtual teaching technologies to keep his students engaged and motivated to keep learning. His HSTalks talks are based on his Leadership: Theory, Application and Skill Development (SAGE, 2023) textbook, with his coauthor Dr. Robert Lussier. Professor Achua’s interest in engaging his students in real-life learning opportunities led him to create and direct programs such as the Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Service (CELS) and the Small Business Institute (SBI) at his university. These programs focused on developing students’ leadership and entrepreneurial skills by encouraging application of theory to practice. Dr. Achua’s scholarship has been presented at regional and national conferences.

His research interest has mostly focused on small and family business management issues, entrepreneurship in developing economies, and micro-finance structures in third-world economies. His research has been published in conference proceedings, the Small Business Institute Journal, and the Journal of Small Business Strategy. When not involved in academic pursuits, Professor Achua lends his expertise to community development programs and initiatives as needed. He has served on the boards of organizations in his local community.