Prof. Roberta Sawatzky Okanagan College School of Business, Canada

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Roberta is a creative business collaborator committed to meaningful research and effective teaching both in remote (on-line) and co-located models. Armed with a Masters in Leadership and Management, Roberta's career has afforded her over 30 years of senior leadership and training roles in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, as well as... read morethe world of academia.

Roberta is a passionate remote work advocate. As a Coach and Consultant since 2009, her area of specialty has morphed into supporting those working in remote and hybrid contexts. As a researcher, Roberta has published and co-published research on various aspects of remote work. In recent years, she has presented internationally at several conferences, been interviewed on podcasts, and has been a speaker at multiple virtual events, all focusing on remote work.

Since 2012, Roberta has been teaching Management and Human Resource courses at Okanagan College School of Business in British Columbia, Canada, as well as developing and facilitating on-line business courses.