Prof. Jean Cadet University of Sherbrooke, Canada

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Jean Cadet is currently affiliated as Professor at the Department of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Biology, University of Sherbrooke, Canada. He was Scientific Adviser during the period 2002-2014 at the French Atomic Energy Commission, CEA/Grenoble after having been the Head of the Laboratory of "Lésions des Acides Nucléiques" and CEA/Research... read moreDirector. His research activities focus on various aspects of the chemistry and biochemistry of oxidatively generated, radiation- and photo-induced damage to DNA (mechanisms of damage formation, measurements in cell and assessment of biological features including DNA repair and mutagenesis). He is author or co-author of over 610 publications consisting of 518 original and review articles in peer-reviewed journals and 92 book chapters. His h-index is 83 or 75 (excluding self-citations) with a total of 24,800 citations by the end of January 2018. He is Associate Editor of International Journal of Radiation Biology and Radiation Research and also a member of the editorial board of Mutation Research, Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis and Free Radical in Biology and Medicine. Since 2009 he is the Editor-in-Chief of Photochemistry and Photobiology. He has received several awards in the recent years, including recipient of the Society for Free Radical Research-Europe Basic Science Lecture (2014), the Photon award from the American Society of Photobiology (2016) and the Ian Magnus Memorial Lecture of the European Society for Photodermatology (2018).