Dr. Shiby Stephens Cardiff University, UK

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After graduating in medicine from India, Shiby Stephens started her work as an anatomy demonstrator at Cardiff University’s School of Biosciences in 2004. She then became a lecturer of anatomy in 2013. She also obtained her MPhil (anatomy) in 2013, which studied the tendinous variations and interconnections in the hand... read moreof musicians. This study focused on identifying tendinous and tenosynovial interconnections in hands of human cadavers and live subjects. It analysed appropriate radiological imaging techniques, and compared the sensitivity of MRI and ultrasound scans to identify these interconnections.

She is currently enrolled into a part time PhD programme that aims to understand ‘if being multilingual has an advantage in learning Anatomy?'. The study group includes medical students from around the globe. The data collected from this study will be analysed and used in the development of medical curriculum around the globe and the advantages of being multilingual will be passed on to the schools to encourage students to learn more languages (including the classical languages such as Greek and Latin).