Dr. Spinder Dhaliwal University of Westminster, UK

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Spinder Dhaliwal is a Reader in Entrepreneurship at the University of Westminster and former Director of Postgraduate Programmes.... read more

Spinder’s research interests are ethnic minority businesses, women in business and more, recently, young entrepreneurs. Her latest book is 'The Millennial Millionaire, how young entrepreneurs turn their dreams into business’ (Palgrave 2017) which provides insight into how young entrepreneurs are turning their aspirations into reality. Through in-depth case studies and research, Spinder shows how young entrepreneurs with their energy, drive, confidence and resilience could be the perfect formula for entrepreneurial success.

Spinder has written extensively about entrepreneurship and the business community and compiled a list of Britain’s Richest Asians reflecting her long-held interest in the field. Her previous book, ‘Making a Fortune – Learning from the Asian Phenomenon’ (Capstone 2018) charts the journey of Asian entrepreneurs in the UK and the challenges they faced, and how they were overcome.

Spinder’s study, 'Silent Contributors, Asian female entrepreneurs and women in business' highlighted the neglected yet important role of these women who are pivotal to many family businesses. It gave them a voice and was widely noted in the press.

Prior to joining Westminster in June 2013, Spinder was at the University of Surrey where she headed the Entrepreneurship modules. She completed the prestigious International Teachers Programme at HEC, Paris which looks at best practice in teaching and learning from internationally rated scholars.

Spinder’s career has spanned academia, writing and the media. She was both founder and director of the Centre for Asian Entrepreneurial Research (CAER). Her parents, who came to the UK from the Punjab, India in the 1960s, ran a corner shop and she balanced the demands of a busy family business with academic achievement. She attended Warwick University as an undergraduate and was awarded her Doctorate from Brunel University before embarking on an academic career.