Dr. Gwénaëlle Le Gall Quadram Institute, UK

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Gwen Le Gall is a Team Leader in the Analytical Science Unit (ASU) at the Quadram Institute (QI) and has expertise in metabolomics. ASU provides QI with core resources on an open-access basis to strategically funded staff and students and offers state-of-the-art instrumentation across several platform technologies and specialist research... read morestaff. She has 20 years expertise in the field of metabolite analysis using techniques such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and Mass Spectrometry (MS). Her expertise also covers data processing, deconvolution and multi and univariate analysis as well as compound identification. Her knowledge extends to mammalian, food, plant and microbial metabolism (both endogenous and pathogenic bacteria). She deals with the characterization and quantification of metabolites in biological matrices such as food, urine, faeces, tissue (organs, blood plasma, adipocytes, etc.), cultured cell and bacterial extracts (extra and intracellular material). She has worked on numerous projects covering human nutrition and health, food authenticity, bacterial substrate specificity and has a strong interest in profiling metabolites from the gastrointestinal tract and in studying the interactions between the host and the microbiota. She is an author or co-author of nearly 40 peer-reviewed articles, conference proceedings, posters and book chapters.