Prof. Timothy Clark Durham University, UK

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Timothy Clark is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Social Sciences & Health) at Durham University. In the last fifteen years Timothy has conducted a series of research projects into different aspects of the management consultancy industry, including; the factors underpinning the selection and purchase of consultancy; the management of... read morethe client-consultant relationship; the role of consultants and management gurus in the diffusion of management ideas. The latter work focused on understanding the intricacies of how management gurus communicate their ideas to live audiences. In recent years he has extended this work to examine leadership oratory and how followers construct their impressions of leaders. These projects have been funded by ESRC, EU, The Wellcome Trust, industry bodies and consulting firms. The findings from these programmes of research have resulted in a number of influential articles in leading international journals and research monographs, the most recent of which are Management Speak (with David Greatbatch), Management Consultancy: Boundaries and Knowledge in Action (with Andrew Sturdy, Karen Handley and Robin Fincham) and Demystifying Business Celebrity (with Eric Guthey and Brad Jackson). In addition he has co-edited several major research collections on the work of management consultants the most recent of which are The Oxford Handbook of Management Consulting (with Matthias Kipping) and Management Consulting - Volumes 1 and 2 (with Stephanos Avakian).