Dr. Arun Kumar University of Delaware, USA

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Dr. Kumar received his PhD from the University of Delhi, India in 2003 in Chemistry with an emphasis on the development of clinical biosensors. In 2003 Dr. Kumar joined Prof. Joseph Wang’s research group as a post-doctoral fellow at New Mexico State University. Following this in 2004 Dr. Kumar joined... read morethe University of South Florida as a Research Assistant Professor at the Nanomaterial Nanomanufacturing Research Center (NNRC). In 2005 he joined the College of Health Sciences, in the Department of Internal Medicine, as a faculty member and his research was focused on nanomedicine, immunology and cancer. In 2010 Dr. Kumar became the Nanomedicine Division Director at the Center for Diagnostics Nanosystems (CDN) at Marshall University in West Virginia. In 2011 he joined the Department of Medical Laboratory Science at the Univeristy of Delaware as an Assistant Professor. He also has joint appointment with Department of Biomedical Engineering at University of Delaware. Dr. Kumar has received a Top Referee of Year award in 2006 and 2007 from Elsevier and the Editor of Biosensor and Bioelectronics. Dr. Kumar is also a Charter Member of the Academy of Innovation at the University of South Florida, USA. Dr. Kumar’s research is currently focused on how nanotechnology can be used to solve clinical problems like cancer, cardiovascular disease and develop new approaches for tissue engineering. Dr. Kumar has filled more than 26 patents on his research related to biosensors and nanotechnology. He has also served on many study sections at National Science Foundation, National Institutes for Health and other federal grant agencies of USA. In August 2012 he organized and served as chair of an international conference on Nanomedicine in Drug Delivery and Cancer Diagnosis at University of Delaware, USA and co-chaired an International Conference on Translational Nanomedicine in August 26-29, 2014 in Angers, France.