Mr. Neil Woodcock The Customer Framework, UK

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Neil Woodcock is CEO and Chairman of The Customer Framework. He is ‘one of the Europe’s leading experts and authors in Customer Management’ (quote from the IDM). His background in Mobil, Unilever, Accenture and McKinsey has provided him with the knowledge and experience to advise companies, practically, about how to... read moreimprove bottom line profit through more effective and efficient customer management. His passion is to encourage CEOs, analysts, economists and stockbrokers to understand the vital role of customer management in long-term sustainable corporate performance. His latest research findings show that the step change in customer management over the last few years has been significant and he spends most of his time helping large organisations ‘prioritise the possibilities’ offered by near real time customer management, the deployment of insight, the shift in the locus of control of relationships towards the customer, the integration of social and CRM, the need for business agility and the focus on the active management of structured and unstructured data. Mr. Woodcock co-founded QCi Ltd and CMAT (the world’s leading benchmarking tool) helping steer the company to become one of the leading niche consultancies in the world, operating across the globe. He has co-authored five books, various reports and numerous articles on customer management. He is on the editorial board of leading journals and is an honorary fellow of the IDM. He is a regular speaker at conferences, at home and overseas.