Prof. Angela Cenci University of Lund, Sweden

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Angela Cenci is a Professor at Lund University. Her research aims at developing new symptomatic and disease-modifying treatments for disorders of basal ganglia origin, particularly ParkinsonĀ“s Disease (PD). To facilitate this research, she has pioneered the development of rodent models having both face and construct validity relative to dyskinetic and... read moreakinetic movement disorders in humans. These models have now become the first-line tool for behavioural-pharmacological research on PD worldwide. She is now in the process of developing new rodent models of cognitive deficits and impulse control disorders relevant to PD. In addition to developing-improving rodent models for translational research, she is investigating maladaptive neuroplasticity associated with movement disorders, at multiple levels and with multiple methodologies (e.g., signaling-pathway activation, synaptic neuronal plasticity, gliovascular plasticity and neurovascular coupling).