Dr. Tina Shah University College London, UK

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Tina Shah’s background is in genetics, having completed an undergraduate degree in Human Genetics at UCL, and going on to attain a PhD in Professor Hingorani’s laboratory in cardiovascular genetics. The focus of her PhD was in evaluating the role of C-reactive protein in the prediction and pathogenesis of coronary... read moredisease. During her PhD and postdoctoral work, she has focussed on a number of genetic and epidemiological approaches, including integrating information on genotype and/or phenotypes (including detailed information on blood biomarkers) in large population studies using meta-analysis, to address several fundamental issues in cardiovascular disease (CVD) including: a) the utility of certain novel biomarkers (including CRP) for prediction of CVD events, b) the causal relevance of certain novel biomarkers in atherosclerosis and CVD, and c) the mechanisms underlying the associations between single nucleotide variation and CVD risk uncovered recently by genome wide association studies (GWAS).