Prof. Christoph Teller Chair in Retailing and Marketing, Surrey Business School, University of Surrey, UK

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Christoph Teller was raised in a retail store located in the beautiful south of Austria. Before enjoying the stunning south of England (with a Chair in Retailing and Marketing at the University of Surrey/Guildford) he worked for ten years as an Assistant Professor at the Institute for Retailing and Marketing... read more- the oldest retail-institute in Central Europe – part of the Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria). During that time, he spent almost a year at the Department of Operations Management of the Copenhagen Business School as a visiting professor. He then swapped the Alps for the Highlands and taught/researched for three and a half years as a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at the renowned Institute for Retail Studies at the University of Stirling (Scotland). Besides this, he also gained practical experience in the fields of retailing (operations, distribution and marketing), consulting (retail, NPO) and market(ing) research. Prof. Teller's research tries to find answers to one of the oldest questions in retail research: Why do people shop where they do? Thereby, he focuses not only at the single store level but also at the supra-store (agglomeration) level, within a national but also an international context. Besides this, he also deals with the 'dark side of retailing' - retail logistics and operations. In particular, he investigates the last links in the supply chain, i.e. stores (‘last 50 metres’ to the point of sale) and households (‘last mile’ to the point of consumption). His most current research foci are the store patronage behaviour of elderly shoppers, the antecedents of supply chain management execution, boundary-spanning activities of store managers in shopping centre environments, coopetition in retail agglomerations (shopping and town centres) and avoidable food waste in grocery retail stores. This research has been published in both national and international retail, marketing and operations management journals.