Dr. Mona Chung Cross Culture International, Australia

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Dr Mona Chung is a bi-cultural business expert in doing business with China in particular negotiations. She addresses the major issue - overcoming the cultural gap between Westerners and Chinese in commerce and education.... read more

Dr Chung specialises in strategic planning, management and marketing practice for international organisations with the understanding of the culture of Chinese market first. Her major contribution from her PhD to knowledge is the Chung Model which has been tested, applied and approved in practice to improve the outcome of businesses. As a bi-cultural consultant she short-circuits processes and produce results that increase efficiency by between 70% and 50%. Dr Chung is in a unique position not only she has the theoretical tools but also the practical experiences.

Dr Chung is on the executive board of the Victoria branch of the Australia China Business Council. Being highly experienced in a large number of industries, frequent visitor to China, lecturer at Victorian tertiary institutions, visiting professor of NCUT in Beijing, board member on a number of private organisations, regional director for China and Asia and consultant. Dr Chung is a frequent guest speaker at many public forums and author of a list of over 90 publications in cross-cultural business studies. Her first book was ‘Shanghaied: Why Foster’s Could Not Survive China’. Her second book was 'Doing Business Successfully in China'. Her third book was ‘Doing business with China: getting ready for the Asia century’. Her latest book is ‘Dancing with the Dragon: Doing Business with China’.