Prof. Ping Deng Maryville University, USA

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Ping Deng is a Professor of Business Administration in the John E. Simon School of Business at Maryville University of St. Louis, USA. His research concentrates on outward foreign direct investment (FDI) by MNCs from emerging economies and particularly from China. Mainly as sole author, he has published over thirty... read morearticles in prestigious business and management journals in the world. Importantly, Prof. Deng's articles tend to be among the highest cited journal papers so that he is widely regarded as one of the most influential scholars in the field (particularly in terms of citations). Due to his high academic reputation, Prof. Deng is honored as Eastern Scholar, Chair Professor at Shanghai Institutions of Higher Learning, China and also honorary dean of the School of Business, Mianyang Normal University, China. Finally, Prof. Deng has been interviewed and highlighted by and/or quoted in influential media in the world and international organizations, including Washington Post, New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Fortune magazine, Associated Press, and the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD).