Prof. William L. Gardner Texas Tech University, USA

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William (Bill) L. Gardner is the Jerry S. Rawls Chair in Leadership, Director of the Institute for Leadership Studies, and Coordinator of the Area of Management at the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University. Prof. Gardner received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Susquehanna University in... read more1978. He completed both his Masters of Business Administration (1980), and his Doctorate of Business Administration (1984) from Florida State University. He previously held faculty positions at Southern Illinois University, the University of Mississippi (Michael S. Starnes Professor of Management), and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Howard Hawks Chair in Business Ethics and Leadership). He has published numerous articles in such scholarly outlets as the Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Journal, Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Management, and Journal of Organizational Behavior. His research focuses on authentic and charismatic leadership and role that cognitive (e.g., leader-member attributions), affective (e.g., leader emotional labor), motivational (e.g., learned helplessness and optimism) and influence (e.g., impression management and politics) processes play within organizations. Prof. Gardner has provided extensive service to the Southern Management Association (SMA) as President (2006-2007), Program Chair (2005), Board Member (1997-2000), OB/Org. Cog./Managing Conflict Track Chair (1995), and regularly as a presenter, reviewer and discussant since 1980. He is a member of several editorial boards (Academy of Management Journal, Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies) and an SMA Fellow.