Prof. William S. Romoser Ohio University, USA

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William S. Romoser, Ph.D. is an Emeritus Professor of Medical Entomology at Ohio University. Prof. Romoser is also the former Director of the Ohio University Tropical Disease Institute and of the International Development Studies program, Ohio University Center for International Studies. Over the years he has been involved in long-term... read moreresearch collaborations with personnel at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Fort Detrick. Prof. Romoser has authored numerous journal articles and conference papers on mosquito structure and function and mosquito-borne diseases. He is the original author and co-author of subsequent editions of The Science of Entomology (1973, 4th ed. 1997) and a contributing author to Biology of Disease Vectors (1996) and Medical Entomology: A Textbook on Public Health and Veterinary Problems Caused by Arthropods (2000).