Prof. Daniel S. Fogel Director of the Graduate Programs in Sustainability, Wake Forest University, USA

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Dan Fogel received his B.S. and M.A. from the Pennsylvania State University and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin. He has held academic positions at the University of Houston, Tulane University, and the University of Pittsburgh and has been a senior manager at two oil companies and a hospital... read moresystem. His international research and teaching had been conducted in several different countries in South America, Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe. He was Dean of the International Management Center, Budapest, Hungary; Dean for the Czech Management Center in Prague, Czech Republic, and Associate Dean at the University of Pittsburgh and Tulane University. He was Professor of Business Administration and Director of the Institute for Industrial Competitiveness at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh. He was Associate Dean Working Professional Programs, Dean of Charlotte Programs and Executive Professor of Strategy at the Wake Forest University Schools of Business. He is at Wake Forest University as Director of the Master of Arts in Sustainability and is the Graduate School Research Professor in Sustainability.