Dr. Jonathan Zinman Associate Professor of Economics, Dartmouth College, USA

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Jonathan Zinman is a tenured Associate Professor of Economics at Dartmouth College. He joined the faculty in 2005 after working as a researcher at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Dr. Zinman obtained his PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2002, and a BA from... read moreHarvard in 1993. In addition to his work at Dartmouth, Professor Zinman also serves as a Visiting Scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, a member of the Behavioral Finance Forum and a Research Associate of Innovations for Poverty Action and J-PAL, among others. Professor Zinman's research focuses on intertemporal choice and household finance. His work tests economic theories of how firms and consumers interact in markets, and closely examines the merits of incorporating specific features of psychology into economic models. He also works on methodological questions, developing randomized-control field experiments and survey designs that permit clean tests of economic theories and related policy questions. He has papers published or forthcoming in several top journals in economics and finance, and his work has been featured extensively in popular and trade media as well. Professor Zinman applies his research by working with policymakers and financial institutions around the globe. He works directly with institutions to develop and test innovations throughout the retail space - in pricing, product development, marketing, risk assessment, risk management, and client communication - that are profitable for firms and beneficial to their clients.