Dr. Mark Butt Tox Path Specialists, USA

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Mark Butt is a 1984 graduate of the veterinary college at Cornell University. After several years of clinical practice, Dr. Butt returned to Cornell in 1988 to complete a residency in anatomic pathology, training under, among other notables, neurologist Alexander deLahunta, neuropathologist Brian Summers and gross pathologist John King. Dr.... read moreButt received his anatomic pathology board certification in 1991 and began work for Ciba-Geigy Pharmaceuticals. In 1994, Dr. Butt joined Pathology Associates International, where he specialized in the pathology of neuroactive compounds with emphasis on studies involving drugs delivered directly to the central nervous system. In July, 2007, Dr. Butt left Pathology Associates to start Tox Path Specialists, a firm specializing in providing neuropathology and more general pathology support to preclinical studies and other investigational endeavors. He has spoken at many national and international meetings on topics related to the development and safety assessment of neuroactive compounds.