Prof. Alberto Mantovani Istituto Clinico Humanitas and Humanitas University, Italy

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Alberto Mantovani was born in Milan in 1948. He graduated in 1973 in medicine at the University of Milan. He trained and worked in the UK, USA and Italy. Since September 2005 he has been Scientific Director of Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Milan, Italy. Since 2014 he has been full Professor of General Pathology, School of Medicine, Humanitas University. His attention has been focused on molecular mechanisms of innate immunity and inflammation. For his contribution to immunology he received national and international awards. A recent bibliometric analysis indicates that he is the most quoted Italian scientist working in Italy and one of the 10 most quoted immunologists worldwide (over 75,000 citations in October 2015 according to Scopus; H-index ISI 117; Scopus 134; Google Scholar 154).