International Trade from a Russian Perspective

Launched September 2014 6 lectures
Dr. Vasilii Erokhin
Harbin Engineering University, China

This series covers the major issues of Russia's trade and foreign policies, and expected future developments of those policies in view of escalating bilateral economic sanctions and reshaping geopolitical order.... read more

Talks include overview of major tendencies in multilateral trade between the EU and the CIS; foreign trade in the region of the former Soviet Union, particularly within and between the CIS and neighbor countries; recent developments in trade in agricultural commodities between EU countries, CIS and Russia in view of integration, liberalization, accession to the World Trade Organization; foreign investments in Russia and the major expected trends of inward and outward investments; history of the Russia-WTO negotiations, overview of obligations, and analysis of probable problems and opportunities of WTO membership for Russia.

The series is concluded with analysis of contemporary global developments with involvement of Russia, establishment of new international unions and alliances, and recent actions of Russia on the world stage.